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You Know Who You Are, Don't You?

Have a monologue you want to read? Have a monologue and looking for an actor? Looking for a new monologue?
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Can’t tell you what a good time I had last Monday.  Great job you’re doing there!  Excellent thinking there on how to get the material and the house.
Also gratifying to see someone on the Island of Manhattan doing something for the sake of the piece instead of a grant administrator or potential B’way producer – purity is important, not just in the water but the work.
Once again, great  work!
Audience Member

Look.  You don’t get a chance.  You never get a chance.  You think you will.  But you don’t.  Because the ones you want to mess with – you’re not pissed at them because they’re dumb.  You’re pissed because they are smart enough to screw you over. They are smarter than you. Get it? It’s not fair.  It’s just a rule.  Like gravity.


I saw Terrence McNally at Cafe La Mama on Saturday.  He was discussing the theatre scene when he started in New York. There were little theatres, like La Mama, and Caffe Cino (which is now the Cornelia Street Cafe).
Things were affordable in the city.  You could rent an apartment or a theatre for cheap, so lots of experimental theatre went on. Nearly impossible in today’s scene.
These monologue nights are the old Village way.

What is a Monologue?

monologue is what one character says to another, or to the audience.  It is active.  It can be a story of course, they all are, but one with a point of view. Who is the character talking to?  What does the character want? What is the character’s goal? What is the writer’s goal?  The two may be different. MEMOIRS do NOT a monologue make. And remember, if you can’t say it in two minutes, you’re not saying it. Here is a secret:  a two minute monologue fits on one page using 12 pt. Courier type, 1.5 line spacing.  Experiment that way if you are just starting out. Fill one page.  Then leave it to rise before you come back to knead.

First Monday of every month (second in September).